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  • War Machines: Best Free Online War & Military Game Mod APK



    Are you a fan of top-quality army & military tank games? Check out War Machines, which offers options for all-out army vs. army war, or play some quick 3-minute online military tank battles for a fast-paced adrenaline rush. War Machines is an epic free online war tank battle game, so download it now on your mobile device and become the world’s best military tank commander!

    Fast-paced online shooting game.
    Defend your country’s army.
    Choose between two explosive modes.
    Unlock amazing tanks and become the next star military commander.

    – Fight together in a team or in a free-for-all war
    – Stunning next-gen graphics
    – Controls optimized for exciting war tank battles
    – Unlock the best military tanks to guarantee victory for your team
    – Go up against enemy military tanks
    – Fight online in World War locations and industrial zones

    With two army & military battle game modes to choose from, you can enjoy endless hours of fun with War Machines: the ultimate online battle tank game! Fight online against war robots in industrial military zones, or on World War battlefields in various European cities. Remember, only the best army & military will survive in this tank game!

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  • Human Evolution Clicker: Tap and Evolve Life Forms Mod APK



    Welcome to the Human Evolution clicker! In this idle evolutionary simulator you can rule life in a very simple way. Just tap to control the evolving process. Evolution has never been so easy.

    Start from small organisms like bacteria, and give life to animals like fish, lizard and monkey.
    Don’t forget, evolution never stands still. Once you’ll open human, you’ll discover that homo sapiens is just another step of evolution process. Tap and evolve life further and open next steps of human evolution: cyborg, robot and posthuman. But that’s not all.

    In Human Evolution idle clicker you can conquer the space and develop life on other planets. In conditions other than on Earth, life can take completely new forms. It’s up to you to decide which evolution path to take. Can you open the whole evolutionary collection?

    Almost every week you can take part in thematic evolution events, where you can get new worlds with new planets and creatures. There are world of dragons, world of birds, world of ocean animals and many more. If it’s not enough and you want to accelerate the evolution, you can buy some animals for the crystals.

    The world of evolution is waiting: start evolutionary fun right now. Tap to evolve from DNA or ameba to homo sapiens and cyborg! Enjoy this amazing idle clicker and evolution simulator.

  • Beat Blade: Dash Dance Mod APK



    Beat Blade is an exciting music runner game that offers stunning neon levels and 2020 hit songs. Simply using one thumb to control the character, you can slash the blocks and dodge the traps, reaching the end of the color road.

    Runner + music + rhythm + saber = WOW!

    How to play:
    SIMPLY choose your favorite song, hold and drag to move your saber character and slash the dot blocks on the beat. Do not Tap! This is not a Tap Tap game.

    Key features:
    1. Amazing color and lighting design for every road
    2. Wide range of popular songs including EDM, Hip Hop, KPOP, Dance, and Piano
    3. Satisfying block slashing effects
    4. Connect with Facebook account and sync the saved progress across multiple devices

  • Jetpack Joyride Mod APK



    Bullet-powered jetpacks! Giant mechanical dragons! Birds that shoot money!

    From the makers of Fruit Ninja comes this insane, high flying endless runner that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

    It’s time to join Barry Steakfries and equip cool jetpacks, suit up in stylish costumes and ride crazy vehicles in his endless running quest to beat the scientists to the end of the lab.

    Join over 750 million players and download Jetpack Joyride on the Google Play Store!

    Download FREE now to start a new game and escape the lab!


    Fly cool jetpacks through the lab
    Surf the wave-rider in all its glory
    Complete daring missions to boost your rank
    Customise your look with ridiculous outfits
    Dodge lasers, zappers, and guided missiles
    Collect coins and make millions of dollars
    Storm the lab in giant mechs and crazy vehicles
    Equip high-tech gadgets and power-ups
    Earn achievements and battle it out against friends
    Test your reflexes with simple one-touch controls
    New free game modes in special events


    This game contains optional in-app purchases. You can disable this feature in the settings menu of your device.
    View our privacy policy at
    View our terms of service at

  • City Island 5 - Tycoon Building Simulation Offline Mod APK



    Build a city, your city
    “City Island 5 – Tycoon Building Simulation Offline”, a new city builder game from Sparkling Society, will make you the mayor of small town starting on just one island. Send your airship to explore the world and unlock beautiful new islands to build your new cities on. In most city building games you are just managing one city, but in “City Island 5 – Offline Tycoon Building Sim Game” you will be expanding your horizon and skylines to new islands, each with a different theme and surface to build a city on. This city game is also playable as an offline game, so you can build your own city without internet or when you have no wifi connection. Join millions of players with the most popular casual city building game series on mobile!

    From a town, to a city, to a metropolis
    Your town city will start small as a village, but your cities will grow larger by placing more buildings, and unlocking new islands. Building games in the City Island sim games series are well known for their very rewarding free to play offline games, packed with quests and loads of content, with always something to do. Visit the towns and cities of your neighbours or visit my city.

    City building with a goal, with a purpose
    These simulation city builder games fall into the category: fun casual offline city building games for free. So this means that you’ll never get bored playing “City Island 5 – Offline Tycoon Building Sim Game”! Next to the hundreds of buildings to unlock, this island city builder games has dozens of quests to earn treasure chests packed with very cool stuff. Design and build your island city the way you want, and play with friends to help each other. These casual tycoon simulation games come with a lot of cool buildings and islands to unlock and will definitely make you stick around for long sessions to collect loads of money to make your town and cities grow and design them however you want to build a city.

    “City Island 5 – Tycoon Building Simulation Offline” City Builder Games Features:
    ▶ Collect, upgrade, decorate, explore in this complete construction simulation game!
    ▶ Collect rewards and earn treasure chests!
    ▶ Play this game offline or online. No internet connection required to play
    ▶ City builder games made fun again with dozens of cool islands to build your city on!
    ▶ Build your own city and watch other players’ cities as well!
    ▶ Don’t forget to rate us or give us feedback!

  • Bike Jump Mod APK



    Are you ready to become the craziest bike stunt driver? Ride down the awesome high ramp and fly as fast as you can! And that’s not all – after you jump, get off the bike and continue flying on your jetpack. How awesome is that? Try it out yourself!

  • Stealth Master - Assassin Ninja Game Mod APK



    Sharpen your katana, it’s time for some stealthy action!
    Sneak into highly secured places, climb the buildings, disable guards, complete the mission and get evacuated! It’s super fun!

  • Stack Colors! Mod APK



    Move and stack the right color platforms and finally kick them to get a huge score boost in a satisfying way!

  • Draw Joust! Mod APK



    Build your ride, and joust it out with your opponent! Do you have what it takes to win the tourney?

    – Axes, spears, cannons, swords, all sorts of weapons attachable to your cart
    – Dozens of cart types
    – Multiple Arenas
    – Endless enemies

  • AFC Solar Squad: Space Attack Mod APK



    Lucas: “This is the best aircraft shooting game that I have ever played in 2019.”
    MrStick: “I can’t help playing this aircraft shooting game. It is so attractive.”
    Bino: “Is this really a free game? I can’t believe that such an interesting and beautiful aircraft shooting game like this is a free game. When you play Solar Squad, you will think that you are playing a mobile AAA games which costs you hundreds of $.

    AFC Solar Squad: Space Shooter
    Our world is being threatened by two different powers: space alien and human. This is the exact time for a third power to intervene and rescue the world from the infinite air force combat – AFC.

    Launch your aircraft and use your top-down shooting skills and powerful items to defeat those formidable enemies and become the HERO of our world.

    “Solar Squad: Space Attack” will strike you with an intense impression of the classic arcade shoot’em up AFC spirit like Strikers 1943, Tyrian, Galaxiga but with modernized visuals and design. You will immediately come to love with the incinerating flame and bullets, colossal bosses and diverse aircrafts and skillful squad.

    ⭐ Touch the screen to move and kill the space alien. The aircraft will auto-shoot.
    ⭐ Collect coins, items to upgrade your aircraft to its full capacity to kill the mighty Boss
    ⭐ Put on the equiment to activate skills and Click the ingame skill button on the screen to activate these helpful skills.

    1. Campaign Mode:
    You will need to control the aircraft to pass each campaign fighting with all those fierce Bosses.
    There are more than 100 levels.
    Overcoming the campaigns, users will receive the items such as: Gold, Gem, Equipment, Ship Card to increase the ability.

    2. Endless Mode:
    This mode will allow users to play endlessly. Collect points through each level to trade for the worthy presents.

    3. World Boss Mode:
    This is the 1v1 fighting mode between player and Boss. There will be a brand new Boss challenging players each week.
    Fighting with the Super Boss helps players receive more presents and special items.

    4. Diverse Equipment System:
    Equipment system is divided into 4 types of equipment with different skills such as active and passive.
    These equipment are classified based on star level. The highest level is 6 stars.
    When equipment is in 6-star level, Fusion will be activated and help equipment unlock more hidden attribution.

    5. Diverse Quest System:
    Divese daily quests allow players to receive plenty of gifts.

    Let’s save the WORLD now!!!

  • Knitting Shop 3D Mod APK



    Welcome to Knitting Shop 3D – a relaxing game where you use easy and fun knit schemes and make your visitors happy. Use various yarn colors to discover and make amazing knitwears.

  • Demolition Derby 3 Mod APK



    The new “Demolition Derby 3” game features many requests by players from our previous game and many of the same features that helped DD2 reach over 15 million downloads!

    • Multiplayer (Beta)
    • 40+ New vehicles
    • 20+ Tracks and Demolition arenas.
    • Upgrade your car’s performance
    • Customize your vehicles
    • Drive in first person mode
    • Daily rewards


    New features that will be coming soon!
    • Campaign Mode
    • Custom Multiplayer Events
    • More garage upgrades
    • Deeper reward system
    • And much more

    Music composed by Entropy Zero / Maks_SF, Jay Ray, Rob Sampsell and Dedderz:

    Download Apk

  • My Home Design - Modern City Mod APK



    Welcome to Modern City! Your new favorite home design game set against a stunning NYC background.

    Take this chance to work side by side with star interior designer Chloe Williams and her business partner Liam Gold. From successful career women to newlywed couples to families, clients are on their way to meet Chloe and Liam right now!

    Help them design trendy kitchens, cozy living rooms, relaxing bedrooms and more to live the life of their dreams! Solve fun match-3 puzzles to collect coins and use them to select furniture, decor items and more! These lucky clients have very different personalities, needs and ideas but they have one thing in common: They all have high expectations for you to design an amazing home! Can you help them create spaces to relax, enjoy and spend quality time? Because after all a house without character is just a house. Help your clients to turn these houses into sweet designer homes.

    It’s not going to be easy. You’ll have to work and play your way up from the bottom, makeover different rooms and places to become a real designer and put a smile on your clients’ faces. Do you have what it takes to remodel, decorate and furbish dream homes and become a household name in the home design game world?

    Here’s how to do it:

    ️ Meet interior designer Chloe and Liam. Couples, singles and families, all kinds of clients are waiting for you!

    ️ Design, renovate, remodel kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and more in Modern City! Choose furniture and decor according to your style and preferences. Simply tap to decorate and create trendy places in the city.

    ️ Exciting and addictive Match-3 puzzle games! Play puzzles to collect coins and use them to create your perfect home design!

    ️ Enjoy witty and fun conversations among interior designers and clients!

    ️ Express yourself and nurture your interior design skills! Plus, find inspiration for your own home makeover!

    ️ Play for free and offline!

    ️ New episodes and match-3 puzzle levels coming out soon!

    Are you into the city life? Guam, Hawaii and the Caribbean won’t do the trick for you? Come to NYC and play Modern City! Find inspiration, collect high-quality furniture, and decorate with enchanting colors and patterns. Build and design homes and make dreams come true in this match-3 puzzle and home design game! Create a home you’ll never want to leave!

    *Please note that [ Modern City ] saves your progress on your device. Data will be reset if you delete the app or change your device.*



    Are you into home design? Puzzle games? CookApps Playgrounds fan?

    Join us on Facebook for fun stuff and news about your favorite games!

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  • Idle Light City Mod APK



    Welcome to Idle Light City – a brand new clicker game! The entire city is in darkness and needs your help to light it up. Run the lightbulb factory and produce as many lightbulbs as you can, unlock new buildings and light them up to earn money.
    In this idle, tap tap and clicker game, you can unlock and discover many buildings and enjoy the amusement park. Earn cash, purchase upgrades, produce lightbulbs faster and expand the city.
    Enjoy this unique & addictive idle game!

    Download Apk

  • Package Inc. Mod APK



    Package Inc. is an inspiring delivery simulator, created by the same developers of Traffix and Railways.
    The entire game is available without ads and features lovely milestones that can appeal to those who care most about style. Who wouldn’t like to have the Eiffel Tower in their city?

    Package Inc. is a beautiful game about designing a delivery system for a growing city. Build a connection between different hubs and feed multiple destinations, like factories, police stations, cafes, libraries, boutiques, saloons, hotels, pizzerias, pet shops or schools.

    As new hubs are active and there is an increase on demand, you can redesign buildings’ position to keep your delivery process as smooth and efficient as possible. Speed and storage capacity are also essential to keep the delivery network running without inconveniences. How long can you keep the orders moving?

    • Gracefully minimalist and beautiful visual design;
    • Learn management stuff in a never-ending fun way;
    • Original soundtrack and immersive experience (headphones are a must!);
    • Multiple goals to achieve in real-world cities;
    • Several upgrades (some hidden) to improve your network;
    • Variety of moods: from extremely relaxing to super thrilling;
    • Expand from a small town to a big city.

    Package Inc. has an evocative visual design and shares the same minimalist features of Infinity Games previous titles. The game starts in a very relaxing pace but rapidly turns into a thrilling experience. Every game is unique, because the growth is random in each city. Your success is highly dependent on the quality and speed of your decisions.

    • Deliver as many packages as you can;
    • Operate for many days;
    • Add multiple destinations;
    • Speed up delivery times;
    • Increase storage capacity.

    Infinity Games aims to provide the best game experience within its titles. We love showcasing new minimalist puzzle games and making people think while relaxing.

    Do you like our work? Connect below:
    Instagram: 8infinitygames (

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  • Roblox Mod APK



    * Get ready to explore DC’s Wonder Woman Experience on Roblox! Invite your friends to visit the paradise island of Themyscira, train alongside the warrior inhabitants, and lasso up special rewards for your avatar. *

    Roblox is the ultimate virtual universe that lets you play, create, and be anything you can imagine. Join millions of players and discover an infinite variety of immersive worlds created by a global community!

    Already have an account? Log in with your existing Roblox account and play now!


    In the mood for an epic role-playing adventure? Want to compete against rivals worldwide? Or do you just want to hang out and chat with your friends online? A growing library of worlds created by the community means there’s always something new and exciting for you to play every day.


    Take the fun on the go. Roblox features full cross-platform support, meaning you can play with your friends and millions of other people on their computers, mobile devices, Xbox One, or VR headsets.


    Be creative and show off your unique style! Customize your avatar with tons of hats, shirts, faces, gear, and more. With an ever-expanding catalog of items, there’s no limit to the looks you can create.


    Hang out with friends around the world using chat features, private messages, and groups!


    PLEASE NOTE: A network connection is required to play. Roblox games work best over Wi-Fi.

    Download Apk

  • Sandbox Pixel Coloring Mod APK



    Welcome to the Sandbox Coloring Universe and be ready to become a lover of the coloring of tiny pixel art.

    Four facts about Sandbox:
    – Children feel how light, sweet and funny Sandbox is and that it’s made just for them. It’s like cartoons, but they can participate in the performance, not only to watch.
    – Parents know it’s a great way for the whole family to spend time together. No Ads. Only safe art.
    – Specialists know Sandbox is a great opportunity to work on your children’s or parents’ drawing and motor skills.
    – Teachers know Sandbox is a great way to teach their kids or students basic number recognition and how to use a legend.

    Features available for all:
    – Search whatever you want, fruit, lips, gadgets, cats or maybe easy art. Handy search feature filters all content for you.
    – Magic Round Button helps you to find similar art. Just try it and you’ll love it.
    – Collections give you an opportunity to organise all your art in the app.
    – Free Drawing Mode lets you practise drawing pixel art. The best art will be featured.
    – Turning your photos from the gallery into pixel art. No words needed.
    – Hints highlight the most interesting art especially for you.

    Best regards, Sandbox Team [with love]

  • WomanLog Pro Calendar Mod APK



    WomanLog is a menstrual and fertility calendar for women.

    WomanLog Period Calendar and Tracker is an excellent choice to track your menstrual cycle and your period.

    Extremely reliable. Very helpful. Easy to use.

    The WomanLog app offers great features to track your cycle and period.

    Key features:

    * Period tracker for both regular and irregular cycle.

    * Period, fertility and ovulation forecast. Standard and advanced mode (on the basis of the previous cycle data and depending on the fluctuations of the cycle length during the previous months).

    * Over 100 symptoms, other options like weight, BBT, moods, pills, sex life, cervical mucus, graphs and much more.

    * Various daily reminders: Menstruation, Ovulation, Weight, BBT, Multivitamin pill, Breast self-exam, Contraceptive pill, NuvaRing, Contraceptive patch, Depo-Provera injection, IUD.

    * Sharing data with your partner and data sync between multiple devices.

    * Google Fit support

    More options:
    Password protection
    Pregnancy mode
    Tracking multiple calendars

    WomanLog Pro:
    Cervical mucus monitoring
    Cycle Overview (Send PDF file to an e-mail)
    Note + Event time + Reminder
    Moon phases
    Ovulation test
    Pregnancy test
    Blood pressure/Pulse
    Skins (30)
    No ads


    Additional features provided by Intelligent Assistant:

    * Much more detailed forecast of the first day of menstruation. More variants with probabilities when your period might start.
    * You will see the probability percentage of your fertile days. This will allow you plan much better or to prevent pregnancy.

    Payment will be charged to your Google Play Account when purchase is confirmed.
    • Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
    • Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of current period, at the same price of your initial purchase.
    • Once purchased, auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Settings.
    • Any unused portion of the free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication.

    Terms of use:
    Privacy Policy:

    contacts: [email protected] © 2020

  • Truecaller: Caller ID, spam blocking & call record Mod APK



    *Truecaller does not upload your phonebook to make it public or searchable*

    ** Truecaller is the world’s best Caller ID and spam blocking app – 500 million downloads worldwide **

    Manage all your calls and messages quickly, by filtering out telemarketers, robocalls and other unwanted disturbances. With a community-based spam list updated by millions of users worldwide, Truecaller is the only app you need to make your communication safe and efficient.

    Powerful Dialer & Caller ID:
    – The world’s best Caller ID will identify anyone calling you
    – See who is calling even before they call
    – Use Voice calling to talk to your friends on Truecaller for free
    – Call Recording – Record important phone calls and save them to your phone (not supported on Android Pie and above)
    – Backup call history, contacts, messages and settings to Google Drive

    World Class Blocking & Spam Detection:
    – Block calls and SMS – Identify and auto-block telemarketers, robocallers, scammers, fraud, sales, and more
    – Community based spam reporting in real time
    – Advanced blocking options for blocking countries, similar digit sequences, and more!

    Smart Messaging:
    – Automatically identify every unknown SMS
    – Automatically block spam and telemarketing SMS
    – Organize your SMS into Personal, Other and Spam
    – Free Chat with your friends and family in Group Chat
    – Use Flash messaging for urgent messages

    Truecaller Premium – Upgrade and get access to:
    – No ads
    – Know who viewed your profile
    – Advanced blocking and filtering options
    – Option to view profiles privately
    – Get the Premium badge on your profile
    – 30 contact requests a month
    – Record phone calls (not supported on Android Pie and above)

    Truecaller Gold – Stand out from the crowd:
    – Gold Caller ID
    – High priority support
    – All Premium features

    Got feedback? Write to [email protected] or go to

  • Reproductor de video - OPlayer Mod APK



    ¡DTS y DivX oficialmente compatibles!
    Mejora continua de 8 años, la elección de millones de usuarios. El reproductor de OPlayer es más confiable.

    ¡Sin necesidad de transcodificar, jugar directamente, el reproductor universal!

    Reproductor de video – OPlayer es un reproductor local que apoya multi-formato, puede trasladar los vídeos desde el ordenador directamente en el equipo. Es el primer reproductor del teléfono móvil, OPlayer apoya el formato más completo, el software más estable, la función más abundante y el uso más fácil.

    ***** DivX/DTS/AC3 autoriza oficialmente *****

    【Formatos que él apoya】

    – Vídeo: mkv, wmv, avi, divx, xvid, rmvb, rm, flv, mp4, 4k, mov, 3gp, m4v, blu-ray, ts, m2ts, swf, asf, vob, h265 (hevc), webm…

    – Audiofrecuencia: mp3, wma, wav, dts, ac3, eac3, aac, flac, ape, cue, amr, ogg vorbis…

    – Subtítulo: srt, ass, smi, sub…

    – Flujo de red: http, ftp, samba, rtp, rtsp, mms y etc

    – Todos los equipos apoyan: adaptables a todos los Phone/Pad con el sistema de Android 4.4 y el superior, incluyendo los últimos Phone/Pad(Android 8.0)

    【Funciones novedosas】

    • Jugar con la velocidad variable: la velocidad de jugar ajustable 0.1x ~ 4.0x
    • Función de repetición: la circulación de AB
    • Jugar continuamente en el fondo: cuando la app se cambia en el fondo, el vídeo continúa jugando.
    • Ajuste del jugar con la pantalla horizontal: cuando el Phone/Pad cierra la rotación, el vídeo juega por la pantalla horizontal

    – Integración del Cliente de samba/ftp/dlna/upnp
    – Muchos tipos de transmisión: 1. Transmisión por el cable de datos (apoya la carpeta) 2. Wi-Fi
    – No se requiere ninguna descarga, se puede jugar el archivo del ordenador directamente

    – Protección de privacidad: App y la carpeta cifradas, la carpeta cifrada oculta, se desbloquea por la huella digital
    – Rendimientos excelentes
    – Ahorro de energía
    – El modo de operación de una sola mano

    【Funciones básicas】

    – Gestión de archivos: establecer nueva carpeta, renombrar, mover, eliminar, buscar
    – El navegador incorporado
    – Apoya NAS, el router, Dropbox y otros servidores de disco de red

    – Lista de jugar: la gestión de música es más arbitraria
    – Gestos: el progreso de jugar, luminosidad, sonido, pausa/continuación, posición y tamaño de los subtítulos
    – Juego de ciclo: ciclo solo, ciclo según la lista, juego al azar
    – Recordar la posición del juego: continúa jugando desde la última posición de jugar

    – Jugar en la televisión: apoya AirPlay, la proyección de espejo, apoya el cable de datos
    – Bloquear la interfaz de jugar: evitar la operación mala de la interfaz de jugar
    – Apagar en un tiempo determinado
    – Ajustar la proporción de vídeo: puede ajustar cualquier proporción de la imagen, 4:3, 16:9…
    – El modo de 2d juega la película de 3d

    – El control de los auriculares
    – Aumento de volumen

    【Operación de audiofrecuencia】

    – Apoya el canal izquierdo y el canal derecho
    – Se realiza el cambio en cualquier momento, cuando se juega por multipista
    – Ajusta el retardo del sonido

    【Función de subtítulos】

    – Apoya los subtítulos incrustados de la película
    – Cargará automáticamente los archivos de subtítulos que tienen el nombre igual que la película
    – Seleccionar manualmente un archivo de subtítulos externos
    – Identificar automáticamente el modo de codificación del archivo de subtítulos

    – Gestos: un dedo para ajustar la posición de los subtítulos, dos dedos para ajustar el tamaño de los subtítulos
    – El cambio del estilo de caligrafía y el color de los subtítulos
    – El ajuste de retardo de subtítulos

    【Apoyo para el usuario】

    – Comprobar los comentarios y las sugerencias de la tienda con regularidad, resolver los problemas de los usuarios
    – Twitter: @olimsoft
    – Mail: [email protected]


Mod Apks

Original Apks

Latest Mods

  • Truck News Simulator - NOVIDADES dos GAMES! v9.8 Mod (Free purchase)

    Truck News Simulator – NOVIDADES dos GAMES! v9.8 Mod (Free purchase)

    Game News and Information app, to keep you informed of the games to be released and Updates

  • Free TextNow - Call & SMS free US Number Tips v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)

    Free TextNow – Call & SMS free US Number Tips v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)

    Free TextNow – call free US Number Tips Get the Guide for text now to get free number texting and voice call message. Free text Now free call and text app is texting and calls APP! Start by using this app to text & calls for free. Free Text Now Texting App Make and receive voice calls Free & unlimited voice calls with other Text Now users as well as for incoming calls.

    Text free call the free calling app and free SMS app that gives you a real US phone number so you can free call or send free text and SMS messages to anyone or any group.Plus, your friends don’t need a free call or free texting app.

    TextNow gives you your own one of a kind committed telephone phone number with free international texting which you can content and call your companions, family, huge others, neighbors, or any other messenger for personal computer individual you might want.

    DISCLAIMER: ⭐ Legal Notice
    Free texting app is an unofficial application for TextNow. It is neither affiliated not related to TextNow in any way. This app complies with Copyright law guidelines of “fair use” of the US. If you feel there is a direct copyright or trademark violation that doesn’t follow within the “fair use” guidelines, please contact us directly.

  • COSWAY會訊(202008) v1.1 Mod (Free purchase)

    COSWAY會訊(202008) v1.1 Mod (Free purchase)


    請留意,本促銷會訊截止日期是 2020年09月24日。


  • Wallpapers for Tesla: + Lock Screen v2.0 Mod (Free purchase)

    Wallpapers for Tesla: + Lock Screen v2.0 Mod (Free purchase)

    Incredible, super-powerful and quiet cars are the future.
    If you have ever had an electro car you will no longer be able to choose something else!
    The app is a collection of beautiful Tesla car wallpapers for you smartphone & tablet.
    As well as a reliable and modern lock screen.

    We have created a chic lock screen and Wallpapers for all fans of fast, powerful and dynamic cars. The use of images in the application can be replaced with your photos or any images from the Internet.
    You can select various wallpapers, fonts, date and time format, unlock text and a lot more to make your unlock screen look nice and cool!
    For additional security you can set pin password (passcode) or pattern via keypad lock screen for lock security.

    Main Features:
    – Easy to use.
    – Photo (You can set your photos on lock screen)
    – Available function preview
    – You can change time out (by default 10 seconds )
    – Small application size
    – Slide to unlock.
    – Change time format
    – Enable/disable Show status bar
    – Enable/disable sound and vibrate
    – Set passcode, pattern or PIN to protect your privacy.
    – Working fast.
    – Cool themes with Tesla.
    – Tesla wallpapers for fans.
    – Free application.
    – Fully customizable
    – Consume less memory and battery
    – You can change each part of locker screen in app.

    Sorry, Not work with fingerprint lock and face id. But you can use it application like cool wallpapers.

    Legal Disclaimer:
    All logos/images/names are copyright of their perspective owners. This images is not endorsed by any of the perspective owners, and the images are used simply for aesthetic purposes. This application is an unofficial fan based application.
    Wallpapers for Tesla: + Lock Screen is an application created by true fans and for fans. No commercial use.
    We do not own any images that are displayed inside the app. All rights belong to their respective owners.

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  • Lock Screen for Song Joong Ki: + Wallpapers v2.0 Mod (Free purchase)

    Lock Screen for Song Joong Ki: + Wallpapers v2.0 Mod (Free purchase)

    As well as a reliable and modern lock screen.

    If you are a Fan Song Joong Ki, and love him.
    This App is definitely for you.
    The use of images in the application can be replaced with your photos or any images from the Internet.
    You can select various wallpapers, fonts, date and time format, unlock text and a lot more to make your unlock screen look nice and cool!
    For additional security you can set pin password (passcode) or pattern via keypad lock screen for lock security.

    Main Features:
    – Easy to use.
    – Photo (You can set your photos on lock screen)
    – Available function preview
    – You can change time out (by default 10 seconds )
    – Small application size
    – Slide to unlock.
    – Change time format
    – Enable/disable Show status bar
    – Enable/disable sound and vibrate
    – Set passcode, pattern or PIN to protect your privacy.
    – Working fast.
    – Song Joong Ki themes.
    – Song Joong Ki wallpapers for fans.
    – Free application.
    – Fully customizable
    – Consume less memory and battery
    – You can change each part of locker screen in app.

    For you Song Joong Ki fans, you should have this application. All the images in this application you can use as wallpaper, you send it to your friends, and you save it to your device’s local storage. Song Joong Ki most beautiful picture drawing we collected into one collection just for you.

    Legal Disclaimer:
    All logos/images/names are copyright of their perspective owners. This images is not endorsed by any of the perspective owners, and the images are used simply for aesthetic purposes. This application is an unofficial fan based application.
    Lock Screen for Song Joong Ki: + Locker is an application created by true fans and for fans. No commercial use.
    We do not own any images that are displayed inside the app. All rights belong to their respective owners.
    Sorry, Not work with fingerprint lock and face id. But you can use it application like cool wallpapers.

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  • Tiger Lock Screen & Wallpapers v2.0 Mod (Free purchase)

    Tiger Lock Screen & Wallpapers v2.0 Mod (Free purchase)

    Tiger Lock Screen app is a very light and convenient app that help you to lock your phone’s screen easily. It is also one of the best wallpapers with tigers on the market.

    With this app lock, you can screen off and lock your phone.
    Beautiful and cool wallpapers and in the same time you save your privacy with this lock screen app, tiger lock screen allow you to set a passcode to protect your privacy.

    Main Features:
    – Easy to use.
    – Available function preview
    – You can change time out (by default 10 seconds )
    – Small application size
    – Slide to unlock.
    – Change time format
    – Enable/disable Show status bar
    – Enable/disable sound and vibrate
    – Set passcode, pattern or PIN to protect your privacy.
    – Working fast.
    – Cool themes.
    – Tiger wallpapers.
    – Free application.
    – Fully customizable
    – Consume less memory and battery

    You can select various wallpapers, fonts, date and time format, unlock text and a lot more to make your unlock screen look nice and cool!
    For additional security you can set pin password (passcode) or pattern via keypad lock screen for lock security.
    Sorry, Not work with fingerprint lock and face id. But you can use it application like cool wallpapers.

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  • Afrique Annonces v10.0 Mod (Free purchase)

    Afrique Annonces v10.0 Mod (Free purchase)

    Your Free Classifieds App in Africa. Africa Ads is the new benchmark for finding the right deal near home. Everywhere in Francophone Africa and Maghreb, Africa Advertisement allows to publish a free ad. Whether you are individual or professional, many services are for everyone.

  • Rain video maker with music v1.3 Mod (Free purchase)

    Rain video maker with music v1.3 Mod (Free purchase)

    Rain Video Maker app is the easiest way to make video, edit video, save video and share via social media amazing rain music videos. You can apply audio with make a wonderful video.

    Rainy Video Maker App Allow Users Creating Photos Movie Slideshow in Special Effects & Music.

    Rainy Video Maker is an attractive app and fun to play app when you are bored and want to view or showcase the pictures to your friend or family in a fun way.

    Rain Drop Video Maker

    Main features are: –

    ⇢ Make movies from photos
    ⇢ Add and edit background music (with built-in music tracks or import from the user library)
    ⇢ Adding title slides with text
    ⇢ Add text captions on photo
    ⇢ Animated pan-zoom for still photo
    ⇢ Photo enhancement filters
    ⇢ 30+ Transition effects (fade, ripple, cross-zoom, wave, pixelate, square wipe…) for photos and videos.
    ⇢ 30+ fashionable fonts for caption
    ⇢ Adjust audio volume for video clips and background music
    ⇢ HD video quality

    How to Make a Video from Your Photos ?

    ↠Step 1 : Upload Your Photos

    Get started in no time. Choose photos to your project, then resize to crop them any way you like. Drag and drop to rearrange the order and place images where you need them in your storyline. Adjust the timing of each of your photos and even add short video clips for more variety.

    ↠Step 2: Personalize Your Video with easy editing Features

    Tell your story in a unique way. Video Rain Effects Makerhas a wide collection of animated styles, text variants, and filters to let you customize each video project. Whether your video is for work or for life, the possibilities are endless, and it’s easy to create a video that will amaze your family, friends, clients, or customers.

    ↠Step 3 :Add RainMusic , Produce and Share

    Include a captivating soundtrack that injects life into your photos. Explore default music or upload your own music. Once you’ve completed your video presentation, produce your video and share to social media in one click from our Rose Rain Video Maker.

    Thank You for Using Rain Photo to Video Maker.

  • Crafting Building Games v2.0.0 Mod (Free purchase)

    Crafting Building Games v2.0.0 Mod (Free purchase)

    Do you like building games? VERSION Crafting Building Games Game is a new free building game of 2020.

    Crafting Building Games Games is a sandbox game, crafting for free, survivalcraft free. This amazing crafting and building game in the style of craft, game world craft dream island. This is the most important thing in the game, craftsman 2020 exploration, the craftsman explore building. You can do whatever you want! It can gives you a feeling of total freedom, craft and build for girls, craft and build survival.

    Crafting Building Games mode of Survival, you need to craft the necessary items for survival and protect yourself from wild predators and night zombies. You can create tools and building blocks for the construction of houses and their equipment.

    Master Craft mode Creative, in your inventory an infinite number of objects, weapons, decor, build entire cities. You can change the game world as you wish, there are no restrictions, except for your imagination. In this mode, you can build magnificent buildings and even entire cities with their unique infrastructure are not limited in size.

    – Crafting & Building game with huge 3D world
    – Cool graphics: enjoy the best pixel graphics with high fps
    – Unlimited resource to build with plus the ability to fly
    – Try out everything in safe map without enemies
    – Craft powerful weapons and armor
    – Making incredible buildings
    – Multiplayer games: you can play online and help your friend build!
    – Crafting and building during day, survive at night

    so you can use a variety of different pixel cubes to build anything from simplest houses to magnificent wonders.

    play now 🙂

  • Hacker Bender v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)

    Hacker Bender v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)

    Type to defeat your enemies!

    The faster you type the faster you will fire your bullets!

  • Crazy Dance v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)

    Crazy Dance v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)

    Become the Crazy Dancer!
    Just tap with music!

  • Formation Simulator v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)

    Formation Simulator v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)

    Experience warfare through the ages,Build your army,win the Campaign!

  • Office Joust v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)

    Office Joust v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)

    Knight duel in the Office!
    Use broom as your sword, Fight back against your boss!

  • One Man Soccer Team v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)

    One Man Soccer Team v1.0 Mod (Free purchase)

    Evade the defenders, get the perfect position, shoot and score!

  • Word Games Ocean: Find Hidden Words v1.0.31 Mod (Free purchase)

    Word Games Ocean: Find Hidden Words v1.0.31 Mod (Free purchase)

    ️ The most addictive word game
    ️ 1000+ levels with fantastic word puzzles
    ️ Training your brain every day with the best crossword game
    ️ Solve puzzles & slide out all the bonus words

    Do you like feeling surrounded by amusing fish? How about grappling with inventively delightful word puzzles? Then hurry up and dive deep into Word Games Ocean: Find Hidden Words — this fusion of fish raising fun and word game is both fascinating and FREE!

    Word Games Ocean: Find Hidden Words is certain to be your best choice to enjoy endless fun from word puzzles! Think, search, swipe and connect all letters into words! Improve your vocabulary and enhance your spelling skills! Make your brain sharp!

    What are you waiting for? Just click and start to play! It’s easy to learn, but hard to master! Play Word Games Ocean: Find Hidden Words, the addictive word puzzle game, for once and you can’t stop playing it! More importantly, Word Games Ocean is a free game and you can play it whenever you like, wherever you are. The fun is ready for you anytime!

    • Easy to learn. Swipe your finger over letters, search, connect and combine a word.
    • Crush all the word blocks to win a competition.
    • Flexible to control. Connecting words can be vertical, horizontal and even backwards.
    • Raise fishes and collect coins
    • Unlock the different aquariums & fishes

    • Simple, easy, and addictive puzzle gameplay!
    • Multiple magic tools can help you solve puzzles
    • 1000+ levels with infinite word puzzles!
    • Low hardware required and won’t occupy too much RAM space
    • Login every day to get a wonderful daily bonus for FREE!
    • Without time limit, you can use time wisely to find new words and solve puzzles at your own pace!
    • Free offline word game, play anywhere!
    • Collect hidden words to win the extra bonus.
    • FREE update to unlock more word puzzles!

  • Rival Restaurants: Board Game Timer v1.1.0 Mod (Free purchase)

    Rival Restaurants: Board Game Timer v1.1.0 Mod (Free purchase)

    The Rival Restaurants: Board Game Timer app is designed to be used with the Rival Restaurants board game. It displays the current phase, time remaining in each phase, and provides visual and audio cues to all players. The app also features a “How-To-Play Tutorial” as well as FAQ’s.

  • Шашки 10х10 v1.6 Mod (Free purchase)

    Шашки 10х10 v1.6 Mod (Free purchase)

    Classic free checkers for one or two players, two game modes standard and giveaway, three difficulty levels and other settings for a more interesting game.

  • remi joker poker capsa susun Domino qq gaple pulsa v1.4.1 Mod (Free purchase)

    remi joker poker capsa susun Domino qq gaple pulsa v1.4.1 Mod (Free purchase)

    Rummy cards are also called Rummy or rummy cards. Rummy Online yepplay is an exciting and free game that includes Domino Qiuqiu, QiuQiu (KiuKiu), Samgong (Samkong), Gaple Dominoes and rummy poker games. This online playing card uses a standard poker card (the same poker as Capsa stacking or Gin Rummy), played by 4 people. Online rummage from Team Yepplay is a special rummy that has a Joker Card, so it’s more exciting when playing this online playing card game!

    Special experience:
    All in one, 1 time download, enjoy Domino Qiuqiu, Samgong, Gaplek etc.
    Remi online is fair and random probability, cards are randomly randomized by the system
    Free everything, Play playing cards online for free
    Easy to play, rules like Gin rummy online

    Special function:
    Invite friends to play! Immediately invite friends to enter the room, to play together!
    Fast login via FB Google Visitors, quickly start playing cool card games
    Super promo and cheap package! Let’s check the packages and gifts you like
    JOKER Card! Play online with the joker, win more!

    What are you waiting for? Join friends playing Remi online, yeah!

    Another exciting game from Yepplay
    Domino Qiuqiu Credit
    Online Joker Rummy Card
    Samgong Yepplay
    Gaple Online Dominoes

  • Art Fonts & Poster Maker v1.0.4 Mod (Free purchase)

    Art Fonts & Poster Maker v1.0.4 Mod (Free purchase)

    Art Fonts & Poster Maker is the best application for adding text to pictures. We provide basic photo editing capabilities, and the most powerful text editing capabilities. This app can add text descriptions to important images and turn your images into beautiful posters. You can use your own image as the background, or you can use the quality background we have prepared. We offer a lot of nice typography, and we also offer a lot of nice copywriting templates. You can organize your work in your own gallery or share it with friends.

  • Dice Frenzy v1.1 Mod (Free purchase)

    Dice Frenzy v1.1 Mod (Free purchase)

    #1 Dice game on Googleplay! Brand NEW version of the beloved board game! Completely FREE! Tons of JOY ! Joyful games! STOP hesitating and join us!

    Easy to play! Easy to win! Welcome to Dice Frenzy, where you’re guaranteed to feel like a mogul as you win your way to an endless fun!

    Dice Frenzy is a free dice rolling game you can use it as a dice roller game , it’s beautiful and simple application for dice roll to get random numbers . A large variety of types of dices is always in your pocket. You won’t lose these!). Roll dice and try your luck! with dice frenzy the best dice app.


New Apps

  • Escape Game: Peter Pan ~Escape from Neverland~ APK

    Escape Game: Peter Pan ~Escape from Neverland~ APK

    Peter Pan’s friends have been captured in Neverland!
    Help out Peter Pan’s friends by using items and solving various puzzles and trap!

    After escaping, start the game again and find the 8 hidden treasures!
    Can you find all of them?

    ・Easy to start for first players. Let’s challenge!
    ・There are Hints, so Don’t worry!
    ・Auto-save function!
    ・No need for paper and pen! Swipe left from the right edge of the screen to take notes!

    【How to play】
    Very easy operation method!

    ・Search by tapping the screen.
    ・Change the viewpoint by tapping the button on the bottom of the screen.
    ・Double tap the item button, it will enlarged.
    ・Use an item by dragging it.
    ・While one item is displayed, select another item by either tapping or dragging it to combine them.
    ・There is a hint button from MENU which is the upper left corner of the screen.

    programmer:Asahi Hirata
    Designer:Naruma Saito

    Produced by two of us.
    Our goal is to produce a game that would be fun for the users.
    If you like this game, please play other games!

    Music is VFR:
    Pocket Sound :

  • Slide Balls: Puzzle Games APK

    Slide Balls: Puzzle Games APK

    Dig the sand and open the way for your balls. The game is simple but challenging. Clearing the level requires you to use your brain and skillfully clear the level!

    [Game Features]
    1. Unique and creative gameplay
    2. Unparalleled real physics engine
    3. Massive levels, each level is carefully designed
    4. Simple operation and easy to use
    5. Super skin, feel different fun

    Come and save the trapped ball!

  • Crazy Alien Wars APK

    Crazy Alien Wars APK

    Alert! Alert! The alien invasion has begun! Earth is under attack!

    Ever wanted to take over planet Earth? Feel what it’s like to be an alien invader? Abduct people for secret experiments or destroy cities to show the world who really rules the universe?

    Then welcome to Crazy Spaceship! Destroy buildings, abduct all living beings, and spread chaos in your UFO! The more you abduct, the bigger you grow. And the bigger you are, the bigger the objects you can abduct!

    But watch out! Never trust a fellow alien! They also want to rule the earth, and if they get bigger than you, they’ll swallow you whole! Be careful! Don’t get abducted!
    Sound easy? Too bad you’re almost out of time! Invasions only last 2 minutes, so hurry! The clock is ticking!

    Download Crazy now absolutely free! Start playing and take over the world today!


  • Paintball Shooting Squad: Battleground Army Combat APK

    Paintball Shooting Squad: Battleground Army Combat APK

    Load your pallet ball gun and jump into the real battlefield combat to win different paintball shooting challenges. Airsoft paintball gun shooting combat arena is an extreme FPS shooting fun. Join indoor battleground squad where you will eliminate the rivals with latest airsoft paintball guns. Paintball shooting game is an addictive unknown player’s battleground arena sports game. Whether you are a paintball shooting player or a FPS shooting games fan, paintball battlefield will fulfil your desire to win the shooting competition. Paintball shooting combat arena is a competitive team gun shooting sport game in which players eliminate opponents from playground by hitting them with colorful airsoft paintball rounds, breakable color filled paint and jelly paint ball pellets. Paintball shooting combat arena game developed primarily for real gun fighting lovers.

    Weapons Inventory & Players Selection:
    Multiple unknown heroes are available with different shooting skills. You may select any of them based on your improvement in the game. Different fighting mission’s needs upgraded PRO shooting players. Use latest automatic pallet guns and win the airsoft paintball shooting competition. Paintball shooting combat arena is the perfect extreme shooter game that is to choose your favorite player, latest pallet guns and different battleground modes. Each fight rewards good amount of coins through which you may change your player & unlock latest upgraded pallet guns. Spin wheel is a latest option to earn rewarded points and unlock heroes and next episodes.

    Arcade Mode:
    In “Arcade Mode”, your ultimate task is to eliminate your opponent; Arcade match wining will increase the powers, accuracy and excitement of real paintball shooting challenge.

    Episodes Mode:
    In Episodes Mode after every success, you will earn some points to unlock next levels. Level mode consists with different & latest game play challenges against opponents. Start a campaign; you have to shoot and eliminate all opponent shooters in your way to win the battles that will allow you to unlock next level and different Heroes.

    Winners Game Play:
    There are many different paintball shooting heroes to choose before starting color ball war. You can learn which fighting gears you will need, and how to build the skills required being a good softball-shooting hero. Load guns quickly into the battle and fight in the middle of your teammates to control the battlefield and score the most points. Airsoft paintball fight is a real-time single player FPS game where players eliminate with paintball guns in each game, the first player to win the game or the one to eliminate the opponent with continuous auto firing mode. The limited paint ball ammunition will have to save & refill in the field. Player has health & energy level that will indicate if you are in danger zone, ammunition or the enemy in your way.

    Amazing Graphics, Sounds & Controls:
    With innovative motion and gesture-based controls including sliding, auto gun shooting mode, leaning from cover and sprint mode. Softball shooting fields will takes you into the real battleground shooting experience. Paintball shooting arena has Great sound effects, amazing HD graphics and amazing surrounding arena and easy to use gameplay controls.

    What’s New in Game:
    Auto firing mode will help eliminate targets quickly
    Spin Wheel rewarded point will help to unlock next episodes & heroes
    Sprint Mode will help to search enemies quickly & escape behind covers

  • Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend APK

    Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend APK

    Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend is a highly addictive bubble shooter game loved by millions!

    This bubble shooter will eliminate your boredom in no time! You’ll spend hours of fun popping same-colored bubbles! Just shoot all the colorful bubbles to clear the board and win coins! Use epic boosters to burst all the bubbles and solve the tricky puzzles!

    Blast your way to victory in this explosive bubble pop game!
    Are you ready to pop some bubbles?

    • Aim carefully and tap to shoot!
    • Match 3 or more bubbles to make them pop!
    • Use less shots to score higher and earn 3 stars.
    • Create powerful boosters to pop more bubbles!

    • Match 20+ bubbles to create a BOMB.
    • Make 7 combos to create a BEAM SHOT.

    • Hundreds of fun & unique levels!
    • Easy to learn, difficult to master!
    • No WiFi needed. Play offline! Play games anytime, anywhere!
    • Play games everyday to get special rewards!
    • Accurate bubble shooter with guiding line!

    • Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend contains ads like banner, interstitial, video and house ads.
    • Free to play, but you can purchase in-app items like AD FREE and coins.

    Privacy Policy

    • [email protected]

    Like us on FACEBOOK

    Play our new bubble pop game and write your own puzzle legend!

  • Balloon Fighter - free game APK

    Balloon Fighter – free game APK

    Fly into the air and win balloon duels.

    You are hunting for wily chickens. Try to pierce their balloons, but do not let them break yours. Use environmental elements to cause more damage. Be fast and smart, or be dead.

    ● Addictive, unique gameplay: flying, balloons, explosions, lots of action
    ● Amazing, colorful, and friendly pixel graphics
    ● Levels with different difficulties
    ● Simple game rules and control system
    ● Based on Unity engine physics
    ● Upgrade your character
    ● It’s a blast for everyone: share your Balloon Fighter game with your friends!
    ● No Wi-Fi or internet connection required to play

    Please note that Balloon Fighter for Android is demo version. For full version check

  • Red Sword APK

    Red Sword APK

    Power up the various abilities!
    Activate a large number of skills to defeat enemies!!

    ■ Game description
    ・Enlarge your sword and attack many enemies!
    ・Obtain powerful weapons to attack legions of monsters!

    ・Activate a large number of skills to attack many enemies!
    ・You can equip any number of skills!

    ・Obtain rare items to achieve unrivaled power!
    ・You can power up the various abilities!

    ・There are bonus stages and hidden stages!

  • Hunting Simulator Game. The hunter simulator APK

    Hunting Simulator Game. The hunter simulator APK

    We’d love to make this game as reallistic as possible – join us to make this happen!
    Walk, find, aim, shoot – be the hunter, join the hunt!

    Hunting world of this game (hunting app) includes :

    * Maps (hunting locations): Argentina, Belarus, Canada, Chile, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA-Alaska, USA-East, Brazil, Africa safari and more are coming

    * Shooting range with skeet shooting clay pigeon and Target Shooting, long range sniper shooting

    * Weapons to shoot:
    Shotguns 8 / 16 / 12g / 12v / 12semi Auto / .410 gauge
    Rifles .223/.308/.338/.50 with scopes for best shooter experience – sniper
    Hunting bows and crossbows
    * Ballistic calculator with wind shift – sniper pay attention to the call of the wind at long distance shooting!
    * Different projectiles types

    * Hunting dogs – give commands and be the dog hunter. Hunt with the dogs like a Pro hunt!

    * Animal hunt (wild animals)
    Moose hunting / Elk hunting
    Hog hunting / boar hunter
    Deer hunter
    Bear hunting / Grizzly hunt
    Calf hunting
    Fox hunt
    Wolf hunt
    Hare hunting / Rabbit wild hunt

    * Bird hunt
    Goose hunting
    Woodcock hunting
    Duck hunt
    Pigeon hunting
    Partridge hunting
    Pheasant hunting
    Grouse hunting
    Black grouse hunt
    Capercaillie hunt
    Turkey hunting

    *Africa safari hunting, including the Big Five game (car safari Africa big 5 trophy hunting)
    Buffalo – safari Africa big 5 trophy hunting
    Crocodail animal
    Elephant- safari Africa big 5 trophy hunting
    Gazelle animal
    Gepard animal
    Giraffe animal
    Hippopotamus animal
    Hyena animal
    Leopard – safari Africa big 5 trophy hunting
    Lion – safari Africa big 5 trophy hunting
    Rhinoceros – safari Africa big 5 trophy hunting
    Warthog animal
    Wildebeest animal
    Zebra animal

    Feel the hunter call of the wild nature with:
    * Decoy calls
    * Car drive
    * Binocular with different zoom and distance calculations
    * Thermovision and night vision
    * Animated Gun reloading
    * Sniping (sniper shooting)
    * Night professional hunts

    Hunting accessories: camouflage, flashlight
    The car: All-terrain vehicle (ATV four wheeler mudding ) driving and snowmobile for winter drive

    We are going to add few more stuff to this hunting app:

    Snipe hunting
    More dog hunt
    Free hunt
    Hunting competition
    Sport hunting campaigns

    FPS Hunting simulator for android is a shooting game . You are welcomed to shoot and hunt animals. Hunting games 3D android free download!

    No advertising. Offline game.

  • MegaBots Battle Arena: Build Fighter Robot APK

    MegaBots Battle Arena: Build Fighter Robot APK

    Ready to be the next CHAMPION? Create the ultimate fighting robot and battle your way to the top of MegaBots Battle Arena!

    MegaBots Battle Arena is a chaotic robot building & robot fighting game where you build your own destructive robot fighters called Megabot. Pilot it to destroy the opponent’s fighting machine in any means possible inside the robot battle arena! Enroll in battlebot style robot fighting and claim the championship title!

    First, you need to prepare your robot fighting machine for the battle arena. Build fighting robot intuitively by dragging parts to it, customize colors and more! Enter robot battle easily with just a button tap, you will be matched with an opponent’s robot fighting machine in a few seconds. Prepare for the ultimate battle machine crash fight – this is a real steel robot fighting!

    There will be robots and players that will be better than you. Don’t let them outsmart and surprise you. Activate well timed boosters in robot battles to dodge attacks, close in, or deal extra damage through speed. Your robot building and robot fighting skills are both equally important and will determine your outcome in the battle arena!

    Get competitive and unlock new robot parts by winning fights in championship and climb up the ranks. It’s a true multiplayer robot fighting competition. Be prepared and equip your battle machine with the craziest, most brutal weapons and jump right into the robot fighting actions! The battlebot will demand the very best in you! Can you become the ultimate robot fighting champion?

    This free robot battle arena game will put you in nail-biting crash arena fights. But, you can also showcase your creativity and passion by customizing your battle machine. Experiment with different robot builds to find your perfect robot fighter. More than 50,000,000 possible robot combinations await! Use any of them in the robot crash arena and see which one of them works the best for you.

    • Championship mode with 23 Tiers
    • Build your own unique battle robot easily
    • Unlock more than 80 unique robot parts and weapons
    • Fight against other player’s Megabot worldwide
    • Exciting battlebot fighting experience with parts destruction
    • High-quality 3D graphics with cool physics gameplay
    • Battlebots meet mecha robot battles
    • More than 50,000,000 possible robot build and combinations

    Now the time has come to make your name and leave your mark in the stunning robot build and crash arena fighting! Will you build a battlebot that will smash any other battle robot in the robot battle arena fights, or you will master robot fighting skills and dominate the robot battles in a different way?

    Try the most exciting robot fighting game of the year 2020.

    Download MegaBots Battle Arena now to enjoy this asynchronous multiplayer robot building and robot fighting game!

  • Squad Strike 4 : FPS APK

    Squad Strike 4 : FPS APK

    Squad Strike 4 is a realistic online / offline first-person shooter (FPS) with ADVANCED GUN MODDING SYSTEM.

    Squad Strike 4’s advanced weapon modding system makes it possible to build many weapons with various features.
    Parts that can be customized are barrel, handguard, muzzle device, bolt carrier group, etc. There are various combinations. Therefore, you can build various weapons specialized for various battle conditions.
    Squad Strike 4 contains HARDCORE ESCAPE MODE and CLASSIC TEAM DEATHMATCH MODE, both of which can be played ONLINE and OFFLINE.


    Exit Games Photon Cloud


  • Tile Craft - Triple Crush: Puzzle matching game APK

    Tile Craft – Triple Crush: Puzzle matching game APK

    Tile Craft is a simple yet challenging tile puzzle game. If you love mahjong jigsaw games, it may be alike but not the same.


    ◈Just tap to place the tiles into the box. Three same tiles will be collected. Collect all the tiles as fast as possible.
    ◈When all tiles are collected, you win!
    ◈When there are 7 tiles on the box, you fail!
    ◈If you want to get a high score, you should be crazy and tap to match tiles quickly.
    ◈Each tile board is different and varies from one to the next, giving the game a different flair for every level you play.

    Tile Craft will improve your problem-solving skills. Have fun while sharpening your brain. This puzzle game will be your next brain teaser.

    if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us: [email protected]

    Have fun & enjoying Tile Craft!

  • Counter Terrorist Shooter Killer APK

    Counter Terrorist Shooter Killer APK

    Do you love real sniper hunter games? If so, then here you can experience the dangerous battlefield environment and the real shooting effect. Terrorists took over the city. You accepted the mission of the army to eliminate the terrorists who created chaos in the cities. Destroy all the terrorists and restore peace in the city.

    The enemy has been equipped with deadly f16 jet fighters, raptor jets, modern helicopters, tanks and other heavy weapons to the southern borders of our country. Our defensive system failed because they have modern snipers and modern troops.

    The military has provided you with a variety of advanced and powerful weapons that will make it easier for you to eliminate terrorists. Powerful sniper lens allows you to destroy farther target. Show your superb shooting skills, complete all the missions and become a real sniper.

    Guns : AWP, MP5, Scout, BLT, M4A1, AK47, Deagle, G3sg, SG5502
    Counter Terrorist Shoot Killer Features:
    – Realistic 3D graphics and animation
    – realistic battlefield environment
    – a lot of powerful weapons
    – Improve your shooting skills
    – Amazing music and sound effects
    – realistic fighting effect
    – Various challenging missions

  • Counter Attack FPS Battle 2019 APK

    Counter Attack FPS Battle 2019 APK

    Welcome to Counter Attack FPS Battle 2019.This is a first person shooting game and your mission is to destroy your enemies.Lead a Squad of Commandos to Fight against your enemies in realistic 3d environments.Become top Shooter in the world by destroying your enemies and protecting your squad.Equip yourself with modern machine guns and upgrade them to improve your guns performance.

    1) Amazing Game Sound effects & Animations
    2) Realistic 3d environments and machine guns
    3) Smooth and easy game controls
    4) Beautifull 2d Graphics
    5) Interesting and Thrilling Missions
    6) Amazing Training Mode to train
    7) Weapons Upgradation System
    360 Gaming Studio is not Affiliated in any way with other Action or shooting games developed by other companies or developers.
    Privacy Policy
    Give us 5 stars rating for encouraging us to improve the game continuously.

  • Sniper Shooter - 3d sniper assassin svt mmorpg APK

    Sniper Shooter – 3d sniper assassin svt mmorpg APK

    Sniper Shooter Gun Shooter fun new game 2020 best gun shooting game that pits you in battle of counter strike elite sniper shooter modes and hundreds of missions.

    Become a legend of sniper shooting games and take your sniper strike in your hand for taking revenge from zombies counter terrorists. Announce the sniper strike in city like real gangster and hunt the army men sniper vs. thieves in best FPS sniper shooter game 2020. Sharp your archers skills to catch zombie and earn the gold in sniper shooting king master battle. Some soul of army men attack on your city to spread the virus and to increase the crime rate but you are the last hope for the citizen in this sniper elite game so become super hero shooter in this free shooting game to catch zombies dead or alive like real commando. Step into knight survival shooting mission and clean the enemies’ virus from city with help of your best shooting skills to become king of 2020 elite sniper shooting game. Now what are you waiting for download this Sniper Shooter and start to catch the all the enemies.

    Features Of 3D Sniper Shooter Game 2020

    -Realistic gentle sniper 3D shooting battlefield environment
    -Top-notch sound effects with first person shooter.
    – Radar vision positioning the enemy’s position
    – Immersive action filled missions
    – Play anytime, anywhere (offline gaming enabled)
    – Realistic combat mechanics
    – Tons of shot guns and mortal weapons
    – Addicting FPS gameplay with best American sniper.
    – Easy and intuitive controls.
    – Encounter the gang beasts with your best sniper shooting skills

    Forget all other sniper shooting games. Here, your duty will include racing against time like frontier, exploding helicopters, killing zombies and quite a few shots in slow motion. Survival is necessary! But can you solve the puzzle, save the victims and kill only the right target hidden in the crowd? Can you stop the unknown virus from spreading? TRY it best of luck! FPS Sniper Shooter!

  • Towerlands - strategy of tower defense APK

    Towerlands – strategy of tower defense APK

    Do you like epic online tower defense strategy games?

    Towerlands is an addictive game that mixes the genre of the tower defense (TD) with strategy mechanics and role-playing (RPG) elements. Choose your strategy for the tower defence!

    You will feel like strategic a castle lord in a fantasy world. Your goal is defence the castle from enemies and takes over new lands. To defend your castle!

    Build a city to upgrade and equip your army with the best weapons. Grow your tower to defend your castle from attacks by bandits, Orcs and the undead. Hire and train new units to raise the most powerful army in the world rating. Choose your strategy, conquer enemy castles and earn more gold. Fight versus epic boss and take the best loot. Become a Towerlands hero of the war in and try to upgrade all heroes like warriors, wizards, archers, and so many other defenders!

    Create or join a clan to play with friends. You can exchange resources with players and fight against other clans for gold and resources. Defeat everyone and build your empire as in the best empire games!


    ⭐️ 1000 waves of enemies to survive.
    ⭐️ 27 units to explore and train.
    ⭐️ 30 artifacts for the craft.
    ⭐️ Strategic map.
    ⭐️ 6 different buildings.
    ⭐️ 3 enemy races: Orcs, undead, bandits.
    ⭐️ 8 locations.
    ⭐️ Online clan system.
    ⭐️ World ranking of players and clans.
    ⭐️ You can play offline.
    ⭐️ Idle gold farming.

    You can use a different strategy, for example, you can use only archers for protection or only magicians, or you can combine the best and create your own unique strategy.

    Did you like to play? We will be very glad to hear from you!

    If you have troubles with the game, write to:
    – [email protected]

  • Photo Editor Cutout Background Cut Paste - MagiCut APK

    Photo Editor Cutout Background Cut Paste – MagiCut APK

    MagiCut is a powerful photo editor that lets you synthesize the background of your photo anytime anywhere. It helps you edit photo like a pro.

    Erase and Change the Background – Choose any sky you want

    AutoCut – Cut and paste your photo easily

    Remove Objects – Use magic brush to remove any objects you don’t want on the photo

    Collage Maker – Provide massive grids and frames

    MEME – make funny MEME and GIF

    Professional Adjustment – Repair old photos

    Special Effects – Create artistic photos with effects like cartoon or blurring

    Photo editor – Provide useful editing tools that meet all your needs

    Text Editing – Choose any font you like or just doodle on the screen

    == Smart CutOut ==

    With MagiCut, you can create stunning pictures easily. Auto Cut Paste will select and extract objects through Detect AI, so you can paste that area on any backgrounds. Use montage editing techniques, put yourself next to any celebrity you like or teleport yourself to any corner of the world.

    * With this cutout editor, you can combine multiple photos into one background.

    * We provide AI technology to identify your photos, automatically delete the original background and remove unwanted objects.

    * Manually process the details of the picture, let you enjoy the fun of editing.

    * Adjust picture – adjust contrast, exposure, bright manually by precise control.

    * Crop – crop the picture to any size you need, fit all the social media perfectly.

    * Fusion – blending images of different light and shadows to make eye catching photos.

    * Text – Add artistic subtitles to the image, provide multiple style fonts.

    * Graffiti – offers a variety of brushes for you to draw creative graffiti on the picture.

    * Blur – Use blurring effect to make stylish picture.

    * Templates – Offer 100+ layouts and templates created by professional designers.

    * Beauty – Brighten your eyes and smooth your skin, make you stand out in any photo.

    Download now and have fun!

    – – – Contact us – – –
    Email: [email protected]

  • Recontact Istanbul:Eyes Of Sky APK

    Recontact Istanbul:Eyes Of Sky APK

    Recontact Istanbul is back!

    The first cinematographic mobile game of the world, Eyes of Sky will offer a brand new interactive cinema experience.

    Instead of the former type of video games, in which only the videos of cut-scenes are real but the game designs only settle with photographs or animations, Eyes of Sky’s videos can be interfered with and are interactive and it’s thriller that is shot in real locations with real actors. You will not only witness a comprehensive murder investigation but also become the actor/actress in the leading role in a mobile movie you have never experienced before with the superintendent Ersin (Fikret Kuşkan).

    The most mysterious city in the world, Istanbul is hosting the game with its historical textures and secrets.

    Try to push the limits of your attention, patience and intellect while trying to identify suspects with the related descriptions through security cameras, interrogate them and determine suspicious answers and collect evidence regarding the investigation via decrypted hundreds of photos, videos and diary entries.

    Bringing together leading names of the movie sector including Fikret Kuşkan, Haldun Boysan, Gökçe Suyabatmaz, Emre Mutlu and Halim Ercan, the script doctor and consultant of Eyes of Sky is the world-renowned detective novel author, Ahmet Ümit.

    Recontact Istanbul II: Eyes Of Sky has a brand new dynamic, which is the level of your unique intuition. Each wrong move you make during the game will consume your level of intutition. Therefore, you need to be extra careful while interrogating suspects and reviewing files. Do not forget that attention, an inquisitive spirit, patience and intelligence is of utmost importance in this game.

    The experienced superintendent Ersin (Fikret Kuşkan), is notified of the homicide of Ece (Gökçe Suyabatmaz), together with the security camera footage yet, when he arrives at the crime scene, there is no body. After examining the footage, it is evident that Ece was murdered by her ex-husband Serkan Aksoy (Emre Mutlu) yet, Ece still contains another mystery that needs to be solved. This is the unfound body, which cannot be seen by the security cameras as well. Sekan’s testimony rejects all accusations of murder and the unusual situation motivates Ersin to dig deeper. However, this suspicious situation is more than just a murder. As the investigation gets deeper and as he reviews all decrypted foodtage, Ersin finds himself in a dead-end and among extraordinary secrets.

    Eyes of Sky is directed by the new media artist Eray Dinç, who also designed the game and wrote the script.
    His sister, Simay Dinç, who sits at the producer’s seat is also the founder of Women in Games. The developer and the person in charge of the software is the experienced Developer Can Aksoy. The soundtrack was recorded by Sertaç Özgümüş and Güntaç Özdemir from Kaybedenler Kulübü. VFX Design made by Mutlu Çağdaş Usta (Master VFX)



    PIYOMORI is a puzzle game.
    This app has been downloaded 5 million times in the World.
    Official HP :


    Please put many chickenon the bowl.

    *Tap : A chicken fly to the bowl.
    *Table Swipe : The bowl turn.

    -When ten chickens fall, game is over.
    -When you push the button of giveup, You can give up.
    -The orange chicken adheres to yellow.
    -Oranges do not adhere each other.
    -The hat which the chicken is wearing changes monthly.
    -Depending on the device you use, game may become heavy.

    System Requirements:
    – Android 2.3.1 and later.

    Known Compatibility Issues:
    – Even while meeting the system requirements, some handsets have been
    found to be incompatible.
    – If the application does not launch, please try closing other
    applications to free up memory.

  • Drift Unlimited APK

    Drift Unlimited APK

    Upgrade the fancy cars and set a new record!

    [Game Features]
    – You can play the game with an easy one-hand play.
    – You can increase your play time by upgrading your car.
    – You can move fast if you use a Boost.

    1. Drift Unlimited’s game data can be initialized if you switch to a new cell phone device or delete the app.
    2. This product includes partially paid items and game money payment features.
    If you pay for the partially paid items and game money, please note that an actual charge will be incurred.
    3. The digital goods purchased in the game may be withdrawn or restricted according to the

  • Don't play truant! - Funny Escape Games APK

    Don’t play truant! – Funny Escape Games APK

    I am a high school class teacher who just took office. I am determined to be a glorious teacher.
    But I never expected that I encountered this situation on my first day …
    The problem student tom played truant !
    How can I stand this kind of thing happen!
    I have to find him, and I can’t let him to go astray!

    [How to play]
    ·Click to find
    · Items can be used by drag and drop
    · The acquired item is displayed at the bottom of the screen.



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